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Latest News - Snowdrops

January 2018

It is Snowdrop Time again

It is snowing outside but the snowdrops are up! This year the season looks good, it has been wet but we have had plenty of cold and bright to encourage the snowdrops to come up. Now mid-January things are looking good. The right varieties are in bloom at the right time and backed up by Cyclamen coum and Eranthis hymalis the garden looks good. Even the Hellebores are doing their thing and Hepatica plants that I have grown from seed are starting to bloom which should make them very saleable. They are so slow to grow to flowering size from seed, I am not surprised that most nurseries do not bother, but they are so worth the time and care. Early snowdrop varieties like Mrs Macnamara are starting to go over and Three Ships is a distant memory, but Comet is well up and this year showing its green tips very well. Last year it remained almost white on the outer petals. Meanwhile vars. like Little John and Fred’s Giant are going to be great in a couple of weeks. Whilst the varieties of G. nivalis should be perfect for my own garden opening. Yes I have decided to bite the bullet and open for the first time, just for a few hours on Thursday 15th Feb. (10am- 2pm). No idea how it will go, either manic or Pete & I will be drinking a lot of tea and twiddling our thumbs for 4 hours. Plenty of plants for sale if anyone wants to come. Contact me for more details.
Mrs Macnamara
Greatorex Doubles