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Latest News - Snowdrops


The days get longer and soon  its Snowdrop Time again

The Snowdrops are late this year. Normally I expect to have ‘Three Ships’ and ‘Mrs Macnamara’ in full bloom for Christmas. This year there are only buds and I think they will not pop for at least two weeks. ‘Peter Gatehouse’ normally a November blooming Elwesii is the only patch of white in the garden. We have just had no daylight it seems since September and Snowdrops need light. The temperature is not important, these are truly alpine plants and very hardy.There are plenty of fat noses pushing through the soil, but without the light to encourage them the garden is just waiting expectantly. Even the Cyclamen coum normally bloom earlier than this, but we have only leaves. It bodes well for me having plenty of snowdrops in full bloom to display at Easton Walled Gardens this year. I made a special effort last April to do lots of the digging and splitting that I am always telling other people to do, so I have lots of pots of named varieties ready for sale to the collectors. I expect that the pots of ‘Trym’, ‘Diggory’, ‘Godfrey Owen’ and ‘Walrus’ will have sold in the first hour of opening on February 11th. However there should be plenty of lovely things like ‘Robin Hood’, ‘Little John’, ‘Magnet’ and the Greatorex Doubles to take my stocks well into the week. I even have a few ‘Ketton’ this year. I always get asked for it, but have never had enough before.
Mrs Macnamara
Greatorex Doubles