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Baking courses for individual bookings at Tuxford Windmill , Tuxford (Nottinghamshire) and group bookings for 3 or 4 people at the Well Cottage in Little Bytham (Lincolnshire),

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Join us for a convivial bread baking day as part of the Tuxford Windmill School of Baking programme .

You can book an individual place or enquire about a group booking for a range of  bread baking  courses at Tuxford windmill, which is conveniently located on the A1near Retford Notts.

Titles include....

  • Introduction to Bread Baking -British breads theme

  • Baking for lunch - traditional soda breads and griddle breads (half day)

  • Traditional French Breads for Beginners

  • Artisan Breads and Sour Doughs

Enjoy a convivial day at a traditional windmill, and not only learn how to bake delicious bread but enjoy a Tuxford  bakers lunch and get the inside story of milling and flour types on a tour of the windmill - all part of your course!

Maximum of 6 people per course and group booking enquiries are welcome.


Booking at Tuxford?   For more information and booking

 Where is Tuxford?    



GROUP bookings AT the well cottage


From April 2014  we will offer small group bookings (3 or 4 people) for our bread baking days the Well Cottage. This makes an excellent day for friends, family, or for work colleagues.You can choose from  any of the themes listed below .



All our bread baking courses have a practical focus and you will be guided through a series of well tested recipes appropriate for the domestic home baker.  Baking bread is more than following a recipe and you will learn many of the baking techniques and artistry that are so often overlooked in the recipe books.  Summaries are provided for your own personal use, including  recipe sheets with timings, and  the techniques covered during the day.

Our venues have a well equipped domestic kitchen with familiar equipment so that the bread recipes you try out and techniques you learn can easily be repeated at home.

With a small groups you get the most from individual tuition  with  plenty of opportunity to learn the baking techniques and to answer your questions. This gives you an enjoyable baking experience and gives you confidence in the skills you need for more successful bread baking!

Ingredients We pride ourselves on sourcing and using local organic ingredients and all ingredients and equipment are provided. For baking sessions all flour is stone ground from organic grain milled at local windmills. All you will need is an apron and suitable containers bags or basket for your bread!

Refreshments Courses include Tea/coffee/squash and home make biscuits/flapjack during the day and  a vegetarian “Bakers lunch” with freshly made bread and home make and locally sourced produce.

One day Courses start at 9.30am and finish approx 4.30pm, depending on the bread! As well as developing your baking skills first hand, you will take home all your bread at the end of the day !


WHERE ARE well cottage baking COURSES HELD?

The Well Cottage in .Little Bytham is  situated between Stamford and Grantham in the West of South Lincolnshire,  about 15 mins drive east from the A1


BRITISH BREADS (Group 3 or 4 people)

This popular baking course with a British Breads theme is the best place to start for absolute beginners!You will make a range of British yeasted breads beginning with an “everyday dough” to make  breakfast rolls and loaves such as a crusty Cob, Cottage loaf,  traditional tin loaves, and a poppy seed bloomer. Our course includes an introduction to using wholemeal flours to make wholesome  rustic loaves such as  a Welsh clay pot loaf. We follow a series of easy steps from mixing the ingredients, kneading, proving, shaping and baking. With individual help you will learn many useful practical baking skills, and will have time for discussion about the baking techniques, ingredients, and bread storage.   Even if you already bake your own bread this will help you gain consistency in your baking. Armed with the best of British your baking journey begins here.

                                                                                                     HOW TO MAKE A BOOKING


CONTINENTAL BREADS  (Group 3 or 4 people)

 A  course to show you how to use your conventional oven to be successful with a selection of of the regional speciality breads from countries bordering the Mediterranean. Using a range of stone-ground flours you will get a chance to explore the taste and texture of breads which will add a little warmth to a dreary winters day or equally add another dimension to your summer picnic. Included are  "quick bake" breads such as the French Flamiche,  and  a rustic Italian Fougasse with  olives. A crusty  French stick or Baton, Italian Ciabatta, and a sweet French Brioche will  allow you to develop many important baking techniques and learn how to use  a range stone ground flours.

                                                                                                     HOW TO MAKE A BOOKING

TRADITIONAL QUICK  BREADS- Introduction to Bread Baking  (Group 3 or 4 people)

This course will show you how make a variety of quick breads many of which can be prepared and ready to eat within the hour! Faster to make than many traditional yeasted breads, these recipes use other raising agents instead of bakers yeast. This course will enable you to make  a range of delicious rustic breads from around the world including Irish Soda breads,a delicious  American corn bread,and Scottish griddle  breads or Irish Bannocks.New additions to this course are  a  quickenriched fruit  “tea bread”  and a  rustic yeasted seeded cob loaf.

You will  learn how to use a variety of  raising agents, and how to make, handle, shape, and bake non yeasted dough. Our recipes show you how to make the most  of many stone ground grains and learn many important techniques to make a range of traditional quick breads without yeast.

                                                                                                     HOW TO MAKE A BOOKING


A wood fired baking experience is  available as a group booking for 3-6 friends or work colleagues as a convivial bread baking experience.  You will find out how to prepare doughs using  our local stone-ground flour., then shape and bake a range of traditional breads in our outdoor brick wood fired oven,  Our day  includes quick cook breads such as Pizza, Focaccia  and other hearth baked flat breads such as Piadini.

After a convivial lunch of your freshly baked breads, you will have the opportunity to make  rustic full flavoured breads such as Roman Spelt loaves  baked in the wood fired oven.

This imakes a memorable  baking experience and add a new dimension to your baking.  All the recipes you will try can easily be replicated in a domestic oven and we will provide recipe sheets for use at home. No previous baking experience is necessary and our course tutors will guide you through oven handling and the traditional bread making and  baking process!

                                                                                                HOW TO MAKE A BOOKING




By popular request from those who have been on our courses

Organic pickles; Organic piccalilli and Spicy apple chutney    Pickles

Biscuits ; Flapjack and Chocolate Chip Cookies                       Biscuits



Bread is more than following a recipe. It is important to make a careful choice of  good quality ingredients and gain confidence in using what works well for you!

 Click here to find out  more about flour and other ingredients          Ingredients



WOODLANDS FARM - Fresh organic produce and organic "box scheme" based in Boston               

                                  Lincolnshire. Find out more at

TUXFORD WINDMILL - Quality stone-ground wind-milled flour. Choice of a variety of strong, plain

                                  and self raising flours, and more. Wonderful tea room too!

                                  Find our more at

WHISSENDINE WINDMILL - A range of stoneground organic strong and plain flours to choose from!

                                   Find our more at

Tuxford windmill

Bread baking techniques

Organic flour choice for recipes

Organic Stone Ground Flours


Shaping an organic loaf


Coburg Loaf

British Breads

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Blending flour types

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Artisan bread




Home made Apple pickle

Home make Piccalilli
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