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A Collection of Snowdrops

This popular card has a high quality  photograph showing an artistic arrangement of  several distinctive varieties of single named snowdrops on the front.   On the back of the card is an outline drawing which shows the named snowdrop varieties pictured.  

Shakespearean Ladies

A high quality photograph on the front shows an artistic arrangement of  several varieties of the “Greatorex Double” snowdrops all named after Shakespearean ladies .   On the back of the card is an outline drawing which shows the named snowdrop varieties pictured.

From Russia, with Love

          Galanthus plicatus and Cyclamen coum are shown on the front of this card   The reverse explains the link between these twoflowers originateing in Russia… “From the mountains of Russia come two much loved winter flowers. The milk white blooms of the snowdrop  Galanthus plicatus and the pink of Cyclamen coum are at their best in mid February.”

Heralds of Spring

Galanthus ‘ Magnet’ and Eranthis hyemalis are the subjects of this card     The reverse of the card explains the significancce of these two garden flowers…    “As the days grow longer, these beautiful flowers remind us that spring is not far away. The elegant snowdrop Galanthus ‘Magnet’ and the winter aconite, Eranthis hyemalis, are the heralds of spring.”

Snowdrops - A symbol of purity

Snowdrops have been animportant part of gardens and churches for many years. This card shows a snowdrop arrangement taken in a chuirch setting. The rear of the card explains this… “Snowdrops were an ancient symbol of purity and used to celebrate the festival of Candlemas.  As a result snowdrops are often found growing in huge drifts across churchyards and around monastic sites.”
PM-iMAGES produces a range of high quality Snowdrop greetings cards, to individuals, as well as  businesses including the RHS and many of the well known snowdrop gardens . All cards have a high gloss high quality photograph on the front, and black text about the subject on the back. Cards are blank inside. Each card is individually packaged in a cellophane sleeve with a white envelope .  This sleeve is sealed with a "Blank Card" label.

How to Order Snowdrop Cards


Individual cards can be ordered for £1.50 each (plus postage at cost) Minimum order is 10 cards which can be mixed from our range on the Cards Home page. E-mail your requirements to info@pm-images.co.uk  We will confirm stock by e-mail giving total price including postage. When payment has been received by BACS , Personal cheque , or Pay Pal we will post the cards to your address.


Cards are sold in 10's of each type with a minimum total order of 100 cards Cards are 70p each plus carriage ie £70 per 100 plus carraige E-mail your requirements to info@pm-images.co.uk  We will contact you with our trade rates and parcel rate according to the order size. An invoice will be supplied Payment can be by BACS or Business cheque

Snowdrop Cards